Stop worrying about Hair Loss. Do something about it.

Why Choose SRS?

100% Natural Treatment

Our product boasts a high success rate, and with zero side effects or allergic reactions, it's hard to see why you'd subject yourself to drug-dependent treatments instead.

100% NZ Made and Owned

At SRS, we're invested in quality. We manufacture all our treatments in our custom-built, on-site laboratory using only the highest quality ingredients as per strict GMP standards - so you get to avoid using cheaply-manufactured, mass-produced products.

3-IN-ONE Recovery System

Unlike other products on the market, SRS products work as a 3-in-1 system by 1) stopping hair loss, 2) strengthening and nourishing your existing hair, and 3) regrowing new hair. This avoids you going the same route as other solutions which require never-ending applications to keep avoiding hair loss.

Know Your Problem. Take Action.

1. Hair Analysis

Your first port of call is attending a hair analysis check up with one of our experienced hair specialists. You'll be amazed at how easy it is and at what we may discover. Our one-of-a-kind consultation uses advanced technology to get an overall picture of your unique condition.

2. Diagnosis

By microscopically examining your hair root and the state of your scalp as well as by taking a deeper look into your lifestyle habits and genetic predispositions, we can classify the state of your hair loss and advise you on the best treatment.

3. Treatment & Recovery

SRS provides you with the premium solution. Our revolutionary SRS formula works to nourish and rejuvenate the hair roots by supporting healthy hormonal balance on the scalp - giving you natural, beautiful hair with zero side-effects.