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What is a trichologist and how is SRS different?

A trichologist is defined as an individual concerned with the general study of the hair and scalp. This extends to recommending potential hair care tips and ways to promote the health of an individual’s hair.

A trichologist is not necessarily an experienced medical practitioner; they cannot prescribe medications or give a medical diagnosis of the state of a person’s hair and scalp. This means the term ‘trichologist’ can often be very misleading; anyone can claim to be a trichologist with only the most basic of knowledge.

SRS is different.

Our training and expertise extends far beyond that of a trichologist’s. We are specialised to accurately diagnose an individual’s specific hair and scalp issues using information we gain from a comprehensive diagnosis of the individual’s hair and scalp.

Every hair specialist at SRS has undergone a thorough, rigorous training programme and this, combined with knowledge and experience gained from the successful treatment of thousands of clients from all over the world, results in SRS being far more advanced in their analysis and treatment of hair loss.